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We believe on Sports Matters that there are groups and individuals less fortunate that really need our help. Whether supporting our brave troops fighting for our country abroad, our public servants here at home, those struck by crippling ailments or others challenged by life, your aid to these charities so dear to us on this show is greatly appreciated.

America Supports You

What they're about: America Supports You is a Department of Defense program dedicated to communicating citizens. support to the men and women serving in our Armed Forces and their families. America Supports You currently lists more than 350 non-profit groups that are devoted to helping our service men and women. These groups provide a multitude of services, including financial assistance, sending care packages and letters, and helping our wounded warriors. (from ASY's FAQ)


What they're about: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has helped fight animal abuse for over 140 years. This organization helps our four-legged friends get rehabilitated, find homes and be saved from pain and suffering.

Autism Speaks

What they're about: Autism Speaks is an organization devoted to helping diagnose, treat, prevent and cure autism. They are the largest autism research foundation in the country. Autism Speaks is much-renowned for their research efforts.

Fisher House

What they're about: Fisher House is an organization that donates living quarters for the families and loved ones of sick or injured members of our armed services. There is a Fisher House at all major military centers, and the stays in these quarters for loved ones of our military members is free of charge.

Operation Homefront

What they're about: Operation Homefront is a support organization that helps the families of military members, as well as our wounded veterans. Operation Homefront provides both emergency and educational services for military members and their families, as well as community outreach programs and financial and labor assistance.


What they're about: ThinkCure is a nonprofit organization that champions critical cancer research at City of Hope and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. The organization embraces and relies on a broad base of support, building upon the passion of all those who have been touched in some way by cancer. (from ThinkCure!'s website) ThinkCure! is also the official charity of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Welcome Back Veterans

What they're about: Welcome Back Veterans is an organization dedicated to providing the support that our veterans need when returning from service, allowing these brave men and women to have as comfortable a transition back to civilian life as possible. Veterans are aided with education, job training skills and much more.

What Kind of World Do You Want?

What they're about: Whatkindofworlddoyouwant.com is a site originating from the band Five for Fighting's song "World", in which videos (usually set to the song) can be uploaded and watched worldwide. For each viewing of the videos, donations are made to a number of charities, including many of the ones referenced on this page.

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